Friday, August 1, 2014

Mary Zilba Files Defense Against Jody Claman

Following a lawsuit from her Real Housewives of Vancouver cast-mate Jody Claman, Mary Zilba has filed a defense.

The original lawsuit from Jody Claman and her daughter Mia Deakin/Claman claims that Mary made comments to defame Mia by suggesting she hung out with gangsters. In her defense Mary Zilba rejected Claman's accusation that she had made defamatory comments. The defense also went on to add that if the court was to find Zilba’s comments were defamatory, they were either true or should be considered fair comment.

The lawsuit filed against Mary came in the aftermath of the June shooting of Mia Claman. Mia was shoot on June 12 in what is believed to be a gang-related shooting The intended target was actually Mia's alleged boyfriend and gang-member Jeffrey Chang, but somehow Mia was hit instead.

Following the shooting, Mary spoke to CBC where she discussed her thoughts on Mia's shooting. The interview caught the eyes of the Claman's and they filed a lawsuit the next day.


  1. Oh Jody and Mia, the truth is not defamation. Idiots.

    1. Jody has no concept of the English language. Her lack of common sense and decency has been inherited by Mia.
      These two are a menace to society and should be locked up for public safety.
      The ministry should remove her other children. Jody has no clue how to be a human being let alone a mother.
      Exibit A - MIA.
      Case Closed.

  2. Ronnie us believed to have paid for lawyer, as Jody is deadbeat broke, Mia's gangster boyfreind wascalso grazed by bullet, then shortly after overdosed and died, now that is Karma at work, to bad Jody was there to take the bullet!!! Frivolous lawsuit.

  3. Does loser Jody have nothing else to do? I guess since she's divorced AGAIN, she needs to find another way to get more money because she's broke. Karma rings so true here. Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  4. Karma for that bitch Jody and her daughter Mia. Losers.

  5. Karma for that bitch Jody and her daughter Mia. Losers.

  6. Jody & Mia get a life!!! Seriously, your constant harassment of Mary is getting old. We all watched the show..guess what?? Both of you were in the wrong - everytime!! Your pathetic allegiance to Ronnie just shows you are a real loser..Mary is the one with class and integrity, not you or Mia. You are a bully. Plain and simple. You should be ashamed of your ridiculous behaviour. And if anybody deserves an apology its Mary.

  7. Nobody in WestVan even knew who Jody was until she brought shame to our city with her appalling behaviour on tv.
    Look up Bully photo of Jody and Mia.
    Jody should not be allowed to have children. She is batshitcrazy.
    The truth is Not Defamation.
    She sure is jealous of or in love w Mary to be so obsessed with her. Stalker Stage 5 ClingEr.
    Restraining Order needed.
    Maybe if Jody focused all her attention on her business and actually working instead of wasting energy being such a mean girl then she would have a successful business and her own fame.
    Stop Trying to rude on Mary's fame and hard work.
    Stop trying to be young and cool. You're not young not cool and being a parent is not being your daughters party plus one. GROW UP BE A MOTHER HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT LEARN TO LIKE YOURSELF. GET HELP.
    Maybe your daughter would not date gangster drug dealers and get herself shot if she had had a living mother and a good role model.
    You let your kids down.
    Take accounability.

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